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Greetings guitar players and guitar lovers. Since my childhood I've loved the sound a guitar string makes. For me it's magical. There is just no musical sound in the universe quite like it. That is why it has been my lifelong journey to explore and learn about the guitar. I am still on my journey. I've been fortunate along the way to have had the support of my family, my friends, my collaborators and my loyal "Tulsa fan base". Whether you see me playing solo or with my music partner Shelby Eicher, I want you to know how much I appreciate you all sustaining my career and allowing me the privilege of entertaining you. I love Tulsa, and as they say "there's no place like home".

Peace, --- Mark

I am available for bookings individually or as part of my duo ( with longtime friend and associate Shelby Eicher. ( Additionally, we are available as a trio with Annie Ellicott.

I am very excited about our new project with jazz vocalist Annie Ellicott. Annie performs with us every Wednesday evening at the Full Moon on Cherry Street. Her energy and artistic creativity is fun and spontaneous. Don't miss it.....

Our new jazz trio CD featuring Annie, Mark and Shelby has been released and is available for purchase directly from us at any of our live performances.


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